Roger E. Nichols for President



 Roger Nichols is the Unity Party’s presidential candidate. Recently I had the pleasure of communicating with Mr. Nichols over Facebook. I came across the Unity Party at the beginning this year after discussing possible names for a moderate third party with a friend who was back from MIT for Christmas. Over smooth Kentucky bourbon he and I decided on “Unity Party.” A Google search showed me there were already several organizations with this name. The one I eventually stumbled upon, founded by Bill Hammons, is a centrist organization. There are no doubt many Democrats and Republicans praying for politicians who offer more than canned arguments and empty rhetoric. They want representatives who will work with them and with other parties, who will fairly consider all the evidence available instead of voting along predictable party lines. The American people demand a president who embodies the spirit of American pragmatism, the Yankee ingenuity that has seen us through so many difficult times in the past. This is the promise of the Unity Party.

     Not Left. Not Right. Forward

Roger is a former pastor with a degree in theology who has also served his community as a youth counselor and as a volunteer at the Red Cross. He has coached high School football, men’s semi-pro football and men’s semi-pro basketball. He holds degrees and certificates in education, counseling and nutrition. Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri; he now resides in Maryville.  Although he is a Christian, he strongly supports the constitution and recognizes the need for a separation of church and state. He strongly believes in the words of our founding fathers and the genius of the Constitution. Generally opposed to large government, and particularly to the use of tax dollars to fund unnecessary military conflicts, Mr. Nichols does not deny government can do good as well, but believes the people are best left to make their own decisions. After a near death experience Roger resolved to run for president.

“To Protect and Defend the Citizens of The United States of America, Uphold the Constitution for All Americans. My goals are not for wealth, fame or privileges. When I see families and individuals who are struggling to survive, not able to provide enough income for basic necessities, my heart is filled with sadness. I understand deeply because I have been in the same situation myself. I have always wanted to help others in time of need, but in the past I have had take care of my own family just to survive.”

-Roger Nichols




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