An Interview with House Candidate Roy Carl Stanley


Why do you want to run for office and for what office are you running?

Honestly I am the last person that would want to run for office but I saw a desperate need for change and no one caring enough to fight for what was right so I took a stand. I am running for US House Representative in Texas.

Why did you choose a third party ticket?

Through active protests and fund raising in my community I kept running into people from the Green Party, who I knew little about. Eventually I took the time to look at their “10 Key Value” platform and realized that anyone on this planet that knew what Greens stood for would be a Green. I always saw myself as a Democrat but after becoming a Green I realized the difference between supporting change “it’s be nice to have better energy” and living it “there is no other way!” Also I became increasingly aware of what we call “workfare labor” which is where you are forced to work to live or die. Democrats talk about creating jobs with construction but those are not sustainable jobs, those people are let go when the projects are done and it’s back to being starving and homeless again. What good is a government if it cannot protect you from its own rules? We all deserve the basic needs for survival.

What do you want to achieve if elected?

There are a few things I want to put in motion when I get elected and I fear I won’t be in office long enough to tackle much since the US doesn’t have a strong history of accepting heavy change. First I will give back 100k of my congressional salary to my community to encourage the removal of money from politics as I think it is a conflict of interest. Then I will write a bill to force the military to take mandatory operation breaks every few years so that the billions invested in those operations can be put towards scientific advancements and free higher education. lastly I will write several bills to put age related disease in the law as a disability that calls for medication and research funding. It’s not acceptable to let people die when we know we can cure them and help them live long healthy lives. There are many, many issues I care deeply about but those are the ones I will make the most waves with and if I’m lucky enough to get another go around, you can bet I’m going to shift some paradigms.

How do you hope to improve the economy and create jobs?

Jobs are in no shortage, its jobs that sustain you in this economy that are short. I plan to contract Chinese companies , in lieu of paying our debt, to build mass communities of recycled houses that people can live in for free and go to school for free on free internet. Having that basic resource, no matter how cramped, will encourage young people to save money, get educated and stay out of debt- no matter if they are working vocationally part time or in a profession full time. It will also give young families the chance to raise their children in the early years with out being forced to hire someone else to do it for them.

As a Green Party candidate surely you have strong opinions about the environment. What should the government do to control pollution and maintain the biosphere?

It won’t be long before we are forced to trade up for electric cars anyway so the fossil fuel crisis can only do us good. As for cleaning up the air we have destroyed so far I can say it would be advantageous to educate people on what plants promote the healthiest atmosphere. Oxygen creation from plants is directly connected with how fast they grow and how big the leaves are. There are also some plants that eat pollution. By encouraging people to buy and plant more oxygen-heavy plants and focusing our research on ways to grow plants more efficiently, such as aeroponic farming and artificial photosynthesis, we should be back on track in no time,

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